Friday, 12 February 2010

Poker and moving out.

Played a couple of hours total this week. was going pretty good until todays session. Up probaly a single buyin now when was a 4 but played 45 mions today and like i say lost the pot. Played bad to be honest. Couldnt let my poker kings o when obvious the twat had a made hand.

Moving out tomoz. Havent hardly packed. really thought i wud of done more but will do quite a few trips i guess.


Sunday, 7 February 2010

fucking arsenal

i've been playing a little poker. been going ok. Actually been going good. Strippin my account right back has been good for my poker play. Haven't been rushing and trying to force hands and bluff as much. Still playing same micro level but just been getting paid off with my big hands. Been playing with play money too, taking it quite serious. Really need to prove to myself i can make it happen. build a bankroll. I have built up to 500 from 40 before. think i can do mre and quicker.

arsenal wont win shit and never will. they are my team but just kills me to see them get crushed by chelsea and man u. they got easy run in next couple of months so shud be knocking on the door again soon.

Me and my bird move in together at weekend. Am actually really looking forward to it. its gonna be tough trying to tell sum of my mates. we aint like normal mates. we share everything together. We really do. I have secrets on all of them . secrets that no one else in the world knows. and am bit worried bout telling them coz ill feel they think im leaving them but i aint. and same with my mum. gonna have to write her a letter on my leaving day coz i cant say it but can write. need her to know that will miss her. but will see her every chance i get. I think i turned out ok and it was down to her.

Fucking hell. its shit like this i write like this is why ill never show anyine :)

Monday, 1 February 2010


More blogging is needed by me.
I recently took all money i had on here (just a couple of hundred£) but have used it for other little bits i needed. Have left myself with very little but enough to start building back up.
Think i will use regular updates on my blog to keep a head of myself.
I actually played quite alot over January and overall i was a winner but started tilting towards the end and was rolled just fine for it but was starting to play very bad. Should really of sat tight on a number of tables but was as loose as everyone else. another reason why i took the money out
Sit and goes were a n go as was planned. think im gonna mix and match it a little.

i move in with my bird in two weeks time and will put a few hundred back in when i get internet back up.


Thursday, 31 December 2009

New year resolutions

Ok well overall 2009 has been an ok-togood year. There things i havent achieved which i'm absolutly gutted about and things which have just not changed which are a mixture of being gutted but also good not to change all so.

The whole decade has been very up and down tbh. 1 of the best things i reckon is 10 years ago tonight i went out with a group of pals and it more or less the first time we had really gone out drinking together and these are the same boys I had spent my time playing football with going to school with, fighting with and making up with that i just THOUGHT were really good mates. ones that wud be there through all the good, bad and ugly times with me.
Tonight I will be going out with the same group of pals and this time I KNOW they will be there through the good, the bad and ugly with me. :) (I dont think i have explained it very well but boys if you ever get to read this what this is supposed to say is thank you i guess and I love you all) WOW hope no one ever gets to see it lol - proper gay!!!

My girlfriend just keeps getting better and better she's like a fine wine. :) I never thought it could happen but i have an even better time hanging out with her than i do my mates. Really do think she was put on this earth for me. She just kills me shes so funny. :-)

Right the reason why i started this blog. THE POKER
New year resolution is gonna be pretty much same as last years i bet. I am going back to the sit and go front i think. and am going to try get in 300-500 6 max games a month. I know people can piss that in 8 days or whatever but just dont have the time. And i aim is to be over bankrolled for the $11 ones by the end of the year. I want a couple of thousand in there at some point through the year. If i feel im flgging then i gott stop whatever i had planned and play some. Only way i will get better and get some money is to play the games. I gotta invest in poker training site next year too. I gotta stop thinking i'm better than i actually am. I gotta read my hand histories aswell. maybe try do that once a week. My mate said just question yourself on moves you have made and that will help u develop too.

Bankroll. $200

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

I am in the mood again

Right... I decided a few months ago to take most of my winnings out. Left myself with a tiny little bankroll for playing the smallest of small games. started of a month ago by playing very bad and unfortunately bad beat after bad beat. Then i started playing $1 heads up sit and goes on Ftilt and won like 15 in a row but dont really like this coz can really only concentrate on 1 table at a time :)where i can play 4 tables 6 max gsames very comfortable so wud be mor profit. I guess those wins in a row really sparked me of wanting to play again really. Best mate and WPT mag writer :) is being backed playing 6$ 6 max games at the mo and is winning quite abit. Only plays like 150 a week as well. He is always rushing them fitting in 50/100 on the sunday. I really beliee i cud be a winner at these games with the same amount of logging time so am gonna find some time weekly and really go to work on it. onc ive lost 5/6 in a row ill probably wont wanna ply again lol.
I'll post again very soon

Saturday, 3 October 2009

played alot. but no luck watsoever.

played ton of gaames. including loads of sit and goes. but just breaking even. not sure if i just need sum coaching or bad luck.

Bankroll: 400$

Saturday, 8 August 2009


Played a bit since last post. especially the birthday week on fultilt. Have hit a major downswing. Biggest ever. Just down to playing badly tho (thank god) :). I lost $70 last week and a little the week before. Hell of a lot for me really. Funny thing is it didnt bother me that much.
I really felt like my next post wud be a story of being broke.
Started playing a bit of heads-up again. really do enjoy it. I won $40 ina 10 min period this morning. Felt pretty good.

went horse racing yesterday and won as well so doing ok at the mo

Bankroll: $370